How to Market on Quora to get View and traffics

 Are you trying to market on Quora however now not getting the views and traffic you want? You’re within the proper place. 

Before I started out my adventure on Quora, I grew to become to Google for assist. Unfortunately, most of the courses were horrible. They had been written by means of writers who had little-to-no revel in at the platform and needed to rehash advice from some other place.

I then determined to take a look at popular writers on Quora. What I observed changed into that maximum of them have been answering questions beneath the equal few subjects: lifestyles recommendation, personal improvement, and entrepreneurship.

With the ones subjects, even a easy listing can get tens of heaps of views.

On the opposite hand, solutions in my niche didn’t get as many.

quora answer content advertising

Nevertheless, I determined to start writing solutions and parent matters out along the manner.

In this submit, I will share the entirety I’ve learned thus far with you. I’ve additionally invited my pal Jason Thibault, Founder of MassiveKontent, to share some suggestions. Jason started posting on Quora in November 2018 and has in view that experimented lots with the platform.

But earlier than we start, permit’s communicate approximately the reasons in the back of why we’re on Quora.

Why Quora?

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Reddit, Snapchat, Quora, and now TikTok. Let’s be sincere: considered one of the largest demanding situations dealing with corporations is figuring out which social channel to truly prioritize.

Rather than persuade you to be on Quora (it’s not right for everybody), I’d like to percentage the reasons behind our selection. If you resonate with any of them, you might need to take into account the platform significantly.

1. Support current and capability clients

As the Ahrefs emblem grows and our reach broadens, greater human beings begin to recognize our name however don’t know exactly what we do. Or they is probably within the “consideration” section of the client’s journey and are seeking to compare exceptional answers in the marketplace.

Typically, these human beings flip to 0.33-birthday party platforms or boards like Quora to invite questions.

ahrefs questions quora

If we’re no longer there, Quorans may solution Ahrefs-associated questions inaccurately.

Is the SEO tool Ahrefs unfastened Quora

It is vital for us to take part so we are able to solution those questions truely and factually.

2. Tap right into a huge, new target market

Fun reality: Quora has an target market of three hundred million month-to-month precise users.

This places Quora up there with different social networks like Twitter (335 million monthly energetic users), Reddit (330 million monthly lively customers), and Pinterest (250 million month-to-month active customers.)

Your solutions can reach a new audience who won't but recognise approximately your emblem.

three. Drive referral traffic from famous answers

Quora ranks for ~sixty five million key phrases and gets an predicted ~ninety million seek visits a month.

If you can discover the questions that rank well on Google and solution them, you can force referral site visitors on your website (extra in this later!)

four. Build your private brand

Jimmy Daly, Director of Marketing at Animalz, wrote that personal brands are one of the maximum critical content material merchandising channels.

Influential crew participants have the potential and electricity to extend the attain of your content material. This is authentic for us at Ahrefs. When Tim, our CMO shares our articles on Twitter:

He usually receives more attain than our logo account:

What does this mean as a ways as Quora is worried?

Being active in this platform way you've got a risk to display thought leadership, demonstrate information, and build your personal brand. You can also direct your fans on Quora to your other social accounts, strengthening your presence throughout a couple of systems.

This is priceless for promoting destiny work.

How to marketplace yourself effectively on Quora

Now which you’ve visible how valuable participating on Quora may be, allow’s communicate approximately the way to do it well on this specific Q&A platform.

1. Create an amazing bio

Do people even click on thru on your bio and test out what you’re as much as?

To find out, I modified the hyperlink in my Quora bio from an immediate hyperlink to a piece.Ly hyperlink. This allowed me to song the quantity of clicks I turned into getting.

homepage quick link

In around 3 months, I were given 182 clicks.

Not superb, but now not too shabby both. Looks like people do take a look at out your bio if they like what you’re doing.

Here’s how my bio reads:

Let’s smash it down.

I introduce myself and what I do. This helps set up my knowledge and credibility.

I upload a call-to-action (CTA), which is a link to enroll in our trial (no longer to be had.)

I show social evidence to add even more credibility to the perception that I’m a subject-matter expert.

Si Quan Ong Quora

Lastly, I add a couple of hyperlinks to my social debts, encouraging my Quora followers to observe me some place else:

Si Quan Ong Quora 1

There’s nobody proper way to write down an amazing bio. Feel loose to experiment and parent out what works for you. I’ll additionally inspire you to check what the pinnacle writers are doing in your niche and across Quora.

2. Identifying accurate questions

Pareto’s Principle suggests that only ~20% of the questions you could solution on Quora will virtually ship you traffic.

So, how do you discover these questions?

Here are some ideas:

A. Find questions that get organic seek traffic

Enter quora.Com into Ahrefs’ Site Explorer, and go to the “Top pages” file. This shows the pages on Quora that acquire the most natural search site visitors.

quora pinnacle pages

To slim down the list, input a applicable word or phrase inside the “Include” field. Click on the caret beside each page URL to look the full estimated monthly organic traffic to the web page.

top pages quora ecommerce

Look through the listing and solution the ones which can be applicable in your enterprise.

B. Quora Ads ‘Hack’

It’s easy to inform what number of perspectives a query has obtained thus far:

Change Log What are key techniques to collect first 100K users with zero advertising budget Quora

Unfortunately, that information is only half of beneficial. It is on occasion the case that the query turned into popular a long term ago (e.G., in 2013), received tons of perspectives, and misplaced traction after.

A greater beneficial metric will be the wide variety of perspectives the question is still receiving nowadays.

The difficulty, even though, is that Quora doesn’t show it explicitly.

There is a way around this. In order to assist advertisers determine out what they need to put it up for sale on, Quora shows them the wide variety of weekly views for applicable questions.

We can use this to our advantage. Go to your Quora Ads supervisor. Click “Create Campaign.”

Quora Ads Manager Quora

SIDENOTE. You’ll need to installation your Quora ads account in case you don’t have it yet. Don’t fear; we received’t be spending any cash. 

You’ll be asked to fill within the information to your marketing campaign. Since we’re most effective inquisitive about what comes next, feel unfastened to insert random facts here.

Create a Campaign Quora

Click “Continue” to development to the subsequent web page. This is wherein the a laugh starts offevolved.

Under “Primary Targeting”, choose “Contextual Targeting”, then “Questions”. Then, click on “Bulk Add”.

Create an Ad Set Quora three

Type in any relevant key-word and Quora will advocate questions to reply and display the wide variety of weekly perspectives.

Create an Ad Set Quora 1

C. Most Viewed Writers ‘Hack’

I’ve no longer seen everybody mention this “hack” before, so I figured that I’m the first man or woman to come up with it. #humblebrag

Here’s the way it goes.

Look for a relevant subject matter (e.G., “Search Engine Optimization”) on Quora. Click on “Most Viewed Writers.”

What do you see? Probably that a few writers get a disproportionate number of perspectives, despite simplest answering a few questions.

Most Viewed Writers in Search Engine Optimization search engine optimization Quora

Because Quora tells you what those questions are, you could solution them and try and mirror their success.

For example, I’ll take a look at out Sarah Clow, on the grounds that she managed to accumulate ~28,000 views from simplest 11 answers.

Eyeballing them reveals this query as being the only sending her the bulk of her views:

Sarah Clow s Answers on Search Engine Optimization search engine optimization Quora

This query might be gaining traction and the eye of Quora writers. Since the solution leaves plenty to be preferred, you may without problems write a higher one and try to mirror her results.

D. Follow the Quora set of rules

As you’re answering, Quora will start recommending new questions and subjects which will solution. Typically, these appear for your “Answer” tab:

Write Answers Quora

You can also take a look at the questions that seem at the pinnacle of subject matter feeds:

subject matter feed search engine optimization

These questions are possibly famous in the Quora atmosphere, and your solutions may additionally acquire thousands of perspectives.

3. Prioritizing questions

Some questions would possibly pressure masses of organic traffic but are notable aggressive (plenty of answers).

plenty of solutions quora query

Even if the traffic capacity is excessive, it is probably impossible so that you can stand out. As such, you’ll want to prioritize.


Here are a few ideas:

A. Look for questions  the solution to

Writing on Quora is a time sink, so it pays to awareness some time and electricity on questions which you already know the answer to. This reduces the time spent writing.

If you need to take this idea even in addition, search for similar inquiries to blog posts you’ve already written. That way, you could repurpose the content material and write beneficial, in-intensity solutions terrific quick.

For instance, I repurposed our article on how lengthy it takes to rank on Google:

Si Quan Ong s answer to How lengthy will it take a new website to rank in Google Quora

B. Select questions based on information

After using any of the above techniques to find ability questions, you have to have a fixed of URLs. Paste those URLs into Ahrefs’ Batch Analysis to grab the critical search engine marketing metrics.

Batch Analysis Ahrefs

Then, put these Quora URLs into Screaming Frog and use custom extraction to grab relevant statistics inclusive of the variety of people who've answered the questions, links to competition, and many others.

screaming frog custom extraction

Here’s the Regex code: <div class=”answer_count”>(/d+)

And the XPath code: //a[contains(@href,'example1.Com') or contains(@href,'example2.Com')]/@href

SIDENOTE. Remember to show on JavaScript rendering so Screaming Frog can scrape Quora. 

From here, you’ll be able to prioritize the proper questions to reply based totally on the statistics you’ve obtained.


Screaming Frog will even generate a record on damaged external links for these Quora answers.

Tackle them with the aid of creating a Suggested Edit. Ask the author to take into account replacing the damaged hyperlinks with one on your content material.

What are the exceptional approaches to get traffic Quora

four. Answering questions

To do well on Quora, you furthermore mght need appropriate answers that provide price.

There is not any “magical” manner to teach you the way to write an excellent answer. There isn't any “hack” that announces “write XYZ sentence” or “write in ABC layout” to advantage traction.

Writing a treasured Quora solution comes down to high-quality copywriting competencies. That takes practice.

Fortunately, copywriting formulation exist. They can serve as a training and structural manual that will help you write an excellent solution.

Often, I use the AIDA formula.

Attention: Capture their attention with some thing catchy or relevant.

Interest: Tell them thrilling statistics, makes use of, examples, or testimonies.

Desire: Make them choice the product/service/and many others.

Action: Get them to take action.

For example:

pasted image zero 10

This guide explains greater approximately the AIDA formula. If you’re interested in different copywriting formulas, here’s an extremely good list.

If you’d want to pick out up copywriting, right here are a few books I’ve discovered and benefitted from:

Adweek Copywriting Handbook

Ultimate Sales Letter

The Boron Letters (loose)

Ogilvy on Advertising

A few different hints for answering questions well:

1. Capture attention with a strong intro sentence and image

Legendary copywriter Joseph Sugarman has an axiom that follows:

The sole motive of the first sentence in an commercial is to get you to examine the second one sentence of the replica. 

Joseph Sugarman

Joseph Sugarman, Copywriter

By default, Quora shows a preview of the first 200 characters of your solution, collectively with an picture.

Home Quora

If you need humans to click “More,” you’ll need to make both the photo and the primary sentence depend.

SIDENOTE. If you submit a YouTube video for your solution, it robotically overrides your image as the default thumbnail. 

2. Check the alternative answers to determine out what human beings need

Take a look at this question:

What are some examples of high-quality advertising Quora

On the floor, you could anticipate Quorans are searching out a listing of examples. Right?


They’re looking for character testimonies of terrific advertising:

Don’t jump straight into writing an answer straight away. Always make sure you check present answers first to find out what humans are looking for.

3. Tell tales

In wide classes like existence advice, Quorans revel in private memories in place of direct, actionable advice.

James Altucher Quora

If you’re playing in those pits, you’ll should learn the way to tell a good story. I’m the first to confess I’m not a top notch storyteller, but I’ve used some strategies to improve that skill:

Use speak. I discovered this from Josh Fechter. Dialogue allows to immerse your readers in the story.

In media res. Ever study Fight Club? Then you’ll be familiar with this. This is a storytelling technique which means “open in the midst of the plot.” By starting your tale inside the middle (the “war”), you preserve your readers engaged, as they are attempting to infer what happened earlier, and are expecting what will show up subsequent.

four. Use controversy to your gain

Look at this example:

Akash s solution to Is meditation puffed up Quora

Akash’s answer stands proud because it’s contrary to what humans count on as an answer to this query. (Plus, Quorans love snark and sarcasm!)

If you could offer an surprising or unconventional answer, you will likely get lots of upvotes and perspectives.

As continually, don’t abuse this. It’s okay in case you simply consider the alternative, but Quorans will disregard you in the event that they recognise you’re handiest looking to game the system.

5. Interlink your solutions

By linking your solutions together, you could keep a reader taking place the “Quora rabbit hole.”

Your essential solution (“hub”) should be the one that receives the most views. This solution should additionally link out to a chunk of content material on your web site (to power referral traffic.)

Answer three-five associated questions and link them to your foremost answer. That manner, you can send more readers back to the “hub,” and they may observe the hyperlink back in your web site.

SIDENOTE. Jason recommends doing this. To be obvious, I have no longer in my view attempted this. But it makes loads of experience to me so I may additionally provide it a strive in the future. 

Other Tips

Here are a few greater suggestions I couldn’t squeeze within the other classes.

A. Be consistent

This is cliche advice, however social media rewards consistency. Quora is not any exception.

The more questions you answer, the much more likely it's far you’ll appear in people’s feeds, and the greater upvotes and perspectives you’ll get.

When Jason Lemkin first started, he replied 2-three questions a day, five-7 days a week. 53 million views later, he’s still going!

My friend Dean Yeong, Head of Content at Sumo, spoke back 1-three questions an afternoon in the first six months to advantage traction.


Likewise, I did my first-class to answer as a minimum one query a day.

It may be tough to write down a every day solution in the starting, but construct a habit and maintain going. That’s how you stand out.

B. Join “Spaces”

Spaces are Quora’s answer to subreddits and Facebook Groups. You can look for applicable spaces here.

JD Prater, Quora’s Evangelist, shared one in every of my answers in his Digital Marketing News and Trends space. As a end result, I were given loads of upvotes and heaps of views:

At the time of writing, Spaces remains in beta, and also you have to be invited to create one. However, you could be a part of and take part.

To do nicely, deal with it like all community. Upvote, remark, and share useful links and Quora answers. Eventually, you might be upgraded to Contributor, Moderator, or maybe an Admin:

Digital Marketing News and Trends Quora

As you gain accept as true with in the community, you may proportion your content (don’t junk mail!).

Digital Marketing News and Trends Quora 1

C. Add “Answer Wikis”

You’ll notice some questions have an Answer Wiki:

Which is the exceptional device to find a competitor s key phrases Quora

The reason: aggregate the one of a kind answers into one unbiased, real, and comprehensive model. But seeing that all people can edit the Answer Wiki:

answer wiki

Or create one:

What search engine optimization tool is best for advertising and marketing Quora

You can use this to your advantage by using along with hyperlinks to your website or content.

A caveat: don’t simply stuff the complete Answer Wiki along with your links. The goal is to make it valuable. If your service or product is relevant to the question, then feel unfastened to add it. If now not, don’t squeeze your mention in there.

Plus, Answer Wikis want to be exceeded for moderation, so that you in all likelihood won’t get away with link stuffing.

Leveraging Quora Ads

If your solutions are doing well organically on Quora, you may take into account using Quora Ads to reinforce their performance.

Here are some ideas.

1. Quora Promoted Answers

This answer from Gabriel Weinberg, Founder of DuckDuckGo has obtained ~180m views:

Gabriel Weinberg s Answers on Search Engines Quora

The motive? Quora Promoted Answers.

Quora permits people or agencies to sponsor any of their answers to reap higher distribution.

Curious to discover if I should acquire comparable outcomes, I decided to run an test.

I regarded via my Quora stats to discover two questions nevertheless gaining views within the previous week;

I changed all the hyperlinks in those answers with bit.Ly links;

I ran a $50-in step with-promoted-answer campaign (overall price range: $a hundred).

Here are the results:

Quora Ads Manager Quora 1

Looks pretty decent, proper? Not pretty.

According to Quora, the “Clicks” metric measures how regularly someone clicks “More” in your answer:

Tracking Promoted Answers Metrics Quora

That means: a person would possibly click to see your solution in complete, but they may not click on on any of the links to your internet site. Which is precisely what befell.

Bitly Bitlink Management

Pretty abysmal.

Does this imply that “Promoted Answers” don’t paintings in any respect?

I wouldn’t paint it with any such vast brush stroke. After all, this is only a small test, and I didn’t take a look at every opportunity. Plus, there can be a few reasons why it labored higher for Gabriel, but now not me:

He centered a broader query;

Gabriel and DuckDuckGo are synonymous (but now not Ahrefs and me);

DuckDuckGo has a fascinating underdog tale, and those are certainly inquisitive about them;

Google and privateness concerns are warm topics on social (and with the aid of extension, Quora);

2. Questions Targeting

What else are you able to do with the set of URLs you extracted in advance?

Create a “Questions Targeting” campaign.

Create an Ad Set Quora

The eventual intention is to have each your advert and organic answer shown on questions which are crucial in your business.

solution ad equal query quora

The benefits are -fold:

After seeing your advert, the reader is probably more likely to examine your answer;

After analyzing your answer, the reader might click on to your advert.

3. Questions Retargeting

The Quora Ads platform additionally lets in retargeting. In this case, you’ll have to installation the pixel in your website.

Pixels Conversions Quora

Once you’ve set it up, you could use “Questions Retargeting”.

Create an Ad Set Quora 2

With this, you may leverage your present listing of questions and display your ads at some point of Quora to people who have regarded those questions however not clicked via on your website.

One closing question: how do I get into the Quora Digest?

The Quora Digest is an e-mail that includes content Quora thinks you’re interested by.

The easiest way to get in is thru Quora advertisements.

quora digest commercials

Otherwise, in case your solution is famous enough, it may get blanketed in a single:

What I’ve observed non-scientifically: in case your solution receives 7-10 upvotes, it’ll be included in a smaller Quora digest. Then, as you get more upvotes, Quora will encompass it in a bigger version (as seen above.)

However, I’ve additionally noticed that getting blanketed inside the Digest is conceitedness. My solutions had been blanketed some instances, however I’ve in no way visible any will increase in upvotes nor perspectives.

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